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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 20, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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here, can i say -- >> you have guests on the show? >> no guests. >> i swear. if i am not on, i am irritated. >> that's it for "the five." see you tomorrow, everybody. bret baier on deck. state department employees on leave since benghazi invited back to work. the total now being punished in the deaths of four americans, zero. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. nearly one year after the terror attacks that killed the u.s. ambassador to libya and three others, no one in the state department or obama administration has been fired or lost a paycheck. today the few who were singled out for very mild disciplinary action were invited back into
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the fold. chief washington correspondent james rosen has tonight's top story. >> reporter: in the nearly 12 months since a premeditated attack at two u.s. installations in benghazi killed four americans, including the ambassador to libya, not a single terrorist has been brought to justice. at the state department, an investigation by the accountability review board, arb, resulted in four employees being placed on administrative leave. now secretary of state john kerry ordered all four reassigned to different jobs. >> clearly things could have been done better. i think that's patently obvious to everybody that followed this almost a year now, but again, we have to let the facts lead where they may and these are people with real lives and real careers and we can't just take action that's not warranted against them to make us all feel better. >> reporter: eric boswell was the highest ranking, he resigned his post. another senior official testified in deposition six months ago, the only court
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testimony on benghazi to date that he didn't know why he was singled out. >> i have not seen the classified version of the report and i have not seen any information pertaining to me specifically. >> reporter: charlene lamb was his deputy, in direct contact with agents on the ground. lamb among the first in washington to know there was no protest and that benghazi was in fact a terror attack. >> you make this statement, i could follow what was happening almost in real time. >> that's correct. >> reporter: and raymonds maxwell who worked for the mid east bureau told the daily beast he was made a scapegoat by the loyals to then secretary of state hillary clinton. >> i think it would be more accurate to call the accountability review board's work the hillary for president board because near as i can tell, the only thi to do is insulate her from any criticism whatsoever. there's been no accountability.
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>> reporter: emphasized reassignment was not rebuick to the initial decision to place them on leave. in january, then secretary clinton indicated only existing law prevented her from firing the four and that she wasn't happy about it. >> under federal statute and regulations, unsatisfactory leadership is not grounds for finding a breach of duty, and the arb did not find these four individuals breached their duty, so forest, i have submitted legislation to this committee and to the senate committee to fix this problem. >> reporter: state department officials said in arriving at his decision about the four employees, secretary of state kerry gave special weight to the fact all four had long careers, served honorably and often in hazardous postings. >> does this development, james, make it any more likely there will be a select committee looking into benghazi? >> reporter: on the face of things, bret, i have to say no.
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congressman gowdy reiterated his call for one. they called on speaker boehner to appoint one. so far, all indications from the leaders of the house and senate is no such committee will be formed any time soon. >> james rosen at the state department, thank you. another set back to the muslim brotherhood in egypt and the military backed government in cairo could be on the receiving end of bad news soon. chief white house correspondent ed henry has the latest. >> reporter: as the supreme leader of the muslim brotherhood was arrested and the military continued its crackdown in cairo, president obama's only public event was honoring the 1972 miami dolphins who never got a white house ceremony for their undefeated season. though in private, top cabinet officials like defense secretary chuck hagel were called to the white house for a late afternoon national security council meeting to weigh whether to cut off $1.3 billion in u.s. aid to egypt's military. >> at this point i wouldn't
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anticipate any major announcement. >> reporter: that means a decision still may not come for some time, amid confusion over what the president's egypt policy is. an aide to democratic senator patrick leahy said the senator was told, quote, the transfer of military aid was stopped already by the obama administration in private. hit with a barrage of questions, white house spokesman josh earnest said that's not true, and danced around whether leahy's office was wrong. >> i haven't seen the whole statement, so i am not making a declaration. i will tell you our aid continues to be under review. >> reporter: a debate over semantics, just as the administration won't say there was a coup in egypt because doing so would force the u.s. by law to cut off aid. >> why won't the administration be transparent with the american people and the world when the entire world can see the military came in, took out a democratically elected president. >> and what i am saying to you, something that's available to anybody that seeks answer to this question, we made the determination that making a
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decision about whether or not a coup occurred is not in the best interest of the united states. >> reporter: a new pole from pew research shows the public is frustrated with the president. 51% said cut off military aid. 26% say continue the aid. 23% did not know. >> the united states strongly condemns the steps taken by egypt's interim government. >> reporter: as for the president's response towards the egyptian military, 50% said he has not been tough enough. 6% say he has been too tough. 12% say he has gotten it about right. >> reporter: prime minister erdogan made statements that israel was behind the coup in egypt. you remember in march, the white house made a big deal how the president brokered a deal. today, he said the comments were offensive and wrong. >> ed henry on the north lawn, thank you. even president obama's base supporters say his
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administration has lost credibility in the wake of the nsa surveillance revelations. things are going down a little differently in great britain. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has that story tonight. >> reporter: the guardian's editor says british authorities demanded edward snowden's material provided to them or destroyed, but the paper facing legal action if it didn't comply. hard files were destroyed under supervision, but other copies exist. >> they threatened us with strength, go to get all this material back and stop us writing about it. that's not something that would be possible in the united states. >> reporter: the new nsa controversy plays out as president obama's traditional supporters on the left are openly criticizing his administration. >> i think the white house lost credibility. >> reporter: aclu alleges they play word games, citing a
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document known as the intelligence directive. collecting data does not mean storing data in the traditional sense but rather retrieving and analyzing it. >> it has a bizarre definition to allow the nsa to obscure what's going on, even though they're saying all the right words publicly. >> reporter: this seems to be the definition the intelligence chief relied on in this exchange. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. there are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps collect but not wittingly. >> reporter: and the nsa director seemed to use a similar strategy in response to a fox news investigation. >> we don't hold data on u.s. citizens. >> reporter: nsa leaks, documenting thousands of violations undercut the president's own reassurances.
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>> what you're hearing about is the prospect that these could be abused. now part of the reason they're not abused is because these checks are in place. >> reporter: asked about the credibility gap, they say balancing national security with american civil liberties, adding the president is open to additional measures that would inspire greater public confidence. bret? >> catherine, thank you. what do you think, has the administration lost credibility over the nsa leaks? let me know on twitter, follow me @bretbaier. retired general accused of crimes in connection with ben seer bhutto, killed in a bomb attack in a rally in 2007. her death sent off a wave of protests and helped propel her husband to the presidency. more serious problem at japan's crippled nuclear power plant.
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the operator says 80,000 gallons of highly radioactive water leaked from one of the hundreds of storage tanks on that site. the company has not figured out how the leak started or where the water is headed. the facility suffered multiple melt downs following a massive earthquake and tsunami in 2011. if you ever wanted to break into show business, obama care gives you a shot. we'll explain next. here is what fox affiliates are working on. wnyw is covering an explosion at a naval base that does boat maintenance. and the 1972 dolphins get ago long overdue welcome at the white house. and here is a live look at chicago from wfld. big story there, five people shot outside a church during a meal for the homeless happening today. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] america's favorite endless shrimp is back!
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the obama administration efforts to promote the health care law are going interactive. chief national correspondent jim angle tells us about a high profile effort to get you involved. >> reporter: in an effort to generate enthusiasm among young healthy people to sign up for obama care, the administration is launching a video contest. it will be overseen by an organization called young invincibles, run by a former chief lobbyist at acorn. the disgraced and debunked group showed members how to evade taxes and conceal crimes like prostitution. >> it is amazing to see former top lobbyist of acorn reemerge as the pilot of this video project. you can see what people are getting worked up about the idea
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of bad actors from acorn showing up again. you know, sort of like bad pennies that keep coming back. >> reporter: march good afternoon a, executive director for community change, one of the groups providing navigators to sign up for obama care and has close ties to the administration. >> former board member of his organization is now obama's top policy adviser. it is not a random group that popped out to partner with hhs. >> reporter: they're mounting the contest to persuade young people to sign up. they're critical because young people hold down the cost of insurance by offsetting the risk for older people needing more health care. that's why kathleen sebelius is trying to generate enthusiasm. >> it is a new exciting online video contest. so we've got $30,000 in prizes that are up for grabs and a
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contest that showcases the laws and benefits for young people. >> reporter: they're trying to make obama care seem glamorous. getting 18 million young people to buy more expensive insurance is no small fete. >> having a tough time getting them to sign up for insurance exchanges. it is not in our best interest to sign up for something that takes unfair share from us to give to someone that has more. >> reporter: the contest lasts until late september before the exchanges eventually open and the president is relying on an old stand by to make it work, trying to mobilize an army of outside activists to whip up enthusiasm. bret? >> jim, thank you. stocks were mixed today. the dow lost 8, s&p 500 was up 6, the nasdaq gained 24.5. a possible presidential candidate with naturalization questions produces a birth certificate. sound familiar? it is not what you think.
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chief political correspondent carl cameron is here with the story. good evening, carl. >> reporter: hi, bret, this is not about the president, it is about ted cruz of texas born in calgary, canada. the tea party loves him, given the controversy over mr. obama's birth certificate and speculation cruz is running for president, this probably had to come up eventually. this is the birth certificate. his father born in cuba, his mom in delaware. cruz issued a statement saying, quote, because my mother was a u.s. citizen born in delaware, i was a u.s. citizen by birth. i may technically have dual citizenship. if that's true, i will denounce canadian citizenship, nothing against canada. but i am an american by birth and as a u.s. senator, i believe i should be only an american. a person born outside of the united states and its outlying
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possessions of parents one of whom is a citizen of the united states who resided in the united states. when obama was asked about cruz's eligibility, trump said perhaps not. it came up this morning. >> under no circumstances will i vote for a continuing resolution that funds even one penny of obama care. >> reporter: cruz is a 2016 star already, won a conservative straw poll in denver recently, and this citizenship issue is only gaining him more attention. he has been to iowa twice in the last few weeks, will be speaking to an influential group of conservatives this friday in new hampshire. >> thank you. firefighters in several western states are battling wildfires tonight. there are large fires reported
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from arizona north to alaska and as far east as wyoming and montana. this three alarm wildfire is tearing through government island in oregon. you can see at least 80 firefighters are working to control that particular fire. no reports of any injuries so far. a teenager is in custody after he reportedly exchanged shots with police at a suburban atlanta elementary school. the superintendent of ronald mcnair discovery learning academy in decatur says all students are accounted for. he fired several rounds from an assault rifle and police returned fire. still ahead, the fort hood shooter is about to deliver his own defense. first, news or propaganda, the premier of al jazeera in america and who is behind it.
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there is a new player in the cable news game, has a familiar name, one that carries considerable baggage. fox news media analyst howard kurtz has a debut of al jazeera america. good evening. >> good evening. they hired more than 800 people to make a run at the big boys. when many americans hear the name al jazeera, they think of the network that once aired osama bin laden videos. today, the organization financed by qatar's royal family is launching out with al jazeera america, and they opened the checkbook to hire established tv anchors like john significant enthat you willer, soledad o'brien, halle val chee. >> we know audiences wanted to hear more, know more. there are more stories out
3:24 pm
there, don't get to see them on the television network. >> reporter: they bought their way into 50 million cable homes by purchasing al gore's current tv for half a billion dollars. today, hillary clinton talking about its parent network for endorsement of sorts. >> viewership of al jazeera is going up in the united states because it is real news. >> reporter: initial newscasts lacking the depth promised. >> the president convened top officials. egypt has to be at the top of that agenda. >> no question about it. >> i returned from the northern front of this massive fire, beaver creek fire. >> reporter: not much different so far from what you may see on fox news, cnn, or msnbc. can the promise of more serious news with fewer celebrities, less yelling draw a sizable audience? whether the new channel can mount a challenge in cable news wars will turn on that question.
3:25 pm
>> al jazeera and al jazeera america are funded by the royal family of qatar. what's the significance or potential problem with that? >> it is raising questions, bret, because the government of qatar was a supporter of mohamed morsi, they say they were funding egypt, not a political party. they also have strong military alliance with the u.s. the journalists don't see themselves as a spokesman for the government of qatar, the lead story on the initial news cast about egypt in my view was basically down the middle. >> some people say this could show tie to the muslim brotherhood or something like that, they're trying to make it that this is an independent news network, but just the connection is a potential problem. >> that's part of the baggage. the channel will have to demonstrate independence and focus to a considerable degree with viewers around the country on american news. >> thanks. to sign up for our daily
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. a new york city condo building
3:30 pm
involved itself in class warfare, finding separate entrances for those living in million dollar units and people in more modest digs. the developers applied for millions in tax breaks for offering 55 so-called affordable housing units with rent starting at about 60% of market value in that neighborhood, but plans for the building show two doors, one for high rollers paying market value and second door for low income tenants. critics call it a blatent case of class segregation. you know the show downton abby where the servants have to come and go through separate entrances and bow their heads, there could be a version of that on the east side. they're reviewing the application to see if they qualify for the tax break. the woman that suffered worldwide embarrassment for her
3:31 pm
botched attempt to have the espresso of jesus. it has become a tourist attraction. 81-year-old was trying to fix chipped paint, the end result made headlines. an official in spain says it has drawn more than 40,000 tourists to the tiny town in the past year, raising more than $66,000 for charity. plans are now in the works to market merchandise with the botched image. finally, an inopportune time for a cable outage forced connecticut police department to remind residents don't call 911 unless you have a real emergency. cable went out sunday night in fairfield, connecticut and some surrounding towns during a much anticipated episode of "breaking bad" and a red sox game. some viewers that couldn't get through to cable company dialed 911. >> all right. i'm trying to figure out what's going on, we have no tv. >> ma'am, 911 is for life
3:32 pm
threatening emergency. >> i know that. >> fairfield police posted this on their web page, this is neither an emergency or police related concern. misuse of the 911 system may result in an arrest. the self confessed fort hood shooter is about to present his defense. the prosecution rested in the case of major nidal hasan. casey siegel has been following the trial in texas. >> reporter: it was a november afternoon that forever changed this texas army post. 13 people lost their lives in the attack at fort hood. in the last 11 days of the accused gunman's court martial, we heard nearly 90 witnesses reemt stories of horror, heroism and heartache. >> from the prosecution standpoint, i think there's abundant evidence of premeditation. >> reporter: he is serving as his own lawyer. the judge asked hasan several times if he wishes to continue
3:33 pm
down that path, even though she strongly advises against it. but hasan has not budged. >> when you choose to represent yourself, you don't have to know how to be a good lawyer, but you can't complain later you got a bad lawyer in trial and that's what he is stuck with on appeal. >> reporter: because he is representing himself, the 42-year-old army psychologist has a choice whether he will testify. however, he can't make statements, rather only ask himself questions, then answer them. today, the court heard testimony from a fort hood police sergeant, credited with shooting hasan and ending the attack. officer mark todd said it sounded like thousands of rounds of fire. he says, quote, i shot five rounds at the shooter. i saw the shooter wince a couple times then slide down the telephone pole which he was leaning against. todd continues i left the shooter in handcuffs and in the
3:34 pm
care of medics. hasan could testify tomorrow. we initially heard he would call two of his own witnesses to the stand. now we learn that may not be the case. if so, closing arguments begin and it will go to the jury. if he is found guilty, he faces the death penalty. >> casey, thank you. a jury of six soldiers will determine whether the army sergeant who massacred 16 afghan villagers will be eligible for parole. the sentencing hearing for staff sergeant robert bails began today. the army has flown in several survivors and relatives to face bails and make statements. bails has already made a deal to avoid the death penalty and accept a life sentence. the judge in the court martial of wikileaker bradley manning will announce his sentence wednesday morning. the army private faces up to 90 years in prison for giving battlefield reports and diplomatic cables to the website. prosecutors are pushing for at least 60 years. manning's defense asks for no
3:35 pm
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we all wish there was, you know, some easy answer, just one thing we could have pointed to that would mean today those four americans are still here, but we have to let the facts lead where they do, and in this case the secretary took a very thorough look at four people and their situations and made a determination on what their future should look like. >> amongst 20,000 worldwide state department employees, there's not a single one of them that acted foolishly, stupidly, neglect fully so much so they should lose their job over it? >> james, clearly the accountability review board indicated there were deficiencies. clearly things could have been done better. we have to let the facts lie where they may. these are people with real lives and careers and can't just take action not warranted against them just to make us all feel
3:39 pm
better. >> almost one year from the benghazi terror attacks and now the four employees at the state department who were placed on administrative leave after the accountability review board have been put back into active duty, if you will. they're back at their jobs at the state department. darrell issa, chairman of the committee overseeing the in them had this statement today. quote, in the course of our investigation the oversight committee learned the state department's review with these individuals did not include interviews with them or their supervisors, to substantiate or challenge allegations. the oversight committee will expand its investigation of the benghazi terrorist attack to include how a supposed accountability review board investigation resulted in a decision by secretary kerry not to pursue any accountability from anyone. so with that, let's bring in the panel. steve hayes, charles lane, and
3:40 pm
syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. charles, not only has no one lost their job but no one lost a paycheck. >> look, this is a definition of how to conduct a stonewall. for all the weeks after benghazi, remember, weeks that took us past election day, all administration answers to all questions about the benghazi fiasco were well, we can't talk until the investigation, waiting for the arb. then you get the arb report and then everybody afterwards says well, it is all the arb report. what did it say, responsibility stops at the assistant secretary level. these are people that botched it and they will be put on leave. stage three is now where the new secretary of state looks at this and says essentially these people were not responsible or they don't really carry any accountability. they're back on the job as you say without ever missing a paycheck and no one is held
3:41 pm
responsible. remember, earlier in the show you had the secretary of state hillary clinton testifying earlier this year that she wants the law changed so that she should have and would have had the power to fire the four who are now absolved. it looks as if this is a complete, and this was suggested by one of the four accused, raymond maxwell, who said it looks as if a way to protect hillary clinton. whatever the intent was, it surely is a clinton protection operation in effect. >> i should clarify, they're not back at their old jobs, they're reassigned to new ones but back working at the state department. >> right. i must say, it could be true that hillary and the current secretary do lack the legal authority to fire these people, and maybe that law should be changed. but having said all of that, i don't think even on the worst view of this affair these are the four people where the buck stops, right? i mean, these are, you know,
3:42 pm
fall guys at most, in that sense there may be rough justice to what john kerry has done. ultimately these are not the four people who are the maximum responsibility here. >> but for the people -- >> and they did not get much due process in this investigation. if it is true they weren't interviewed, cross-examined, weren't given a chance to say their side of the story -- >> it is about the justice of the four that are not responsible, but no justice for those higher up who were and who are being protected. that's the opposite of justice. >> that is correct. but i'm just saying for these four people, the buck did not stop with them. >> yeah. we should also remember the other four people involved and their families who are dead and their families are grieving still the loss. congressman dowdy had this to say about this today. >> if it had been 12 months
3:43 pm
after boston and there had been no arrest, no one brought to justice, no understanding of what happened and why, people would be justifiably understandably outraged. but here we sit almost a year after benghazi and no one has been brought to justice and we can't answer the questions. >> steve? >> i think that's a very good point. i think you are actually both right. this is clearly the end of a long stonewall. i think we're likely to see it continue into the coming weeks when we have additional scrutiny on what happened and additional hearings with the house oversight committee. i am not sure i would go so far to say it was rough justice, but clearly these were not people making the decisions. remember, it was a conscious policy decision in the lead up to the attacks on benghazi to have normalized security posture, which is to say we didn't want to look like we had a strong security posture, despite the fact there had been attacks on western interest in benghazi in the leadup to those events. there was conscious decision to
3:44 pm
draw down. >> light footprint. >> light footprint, not to increase. >> we have a review every time we do the benghazi story, we've done it so many times, you have to say about the cables sent up through the chain, chris stevens' personal cables saying the security situation was deteriorating, even on the last day hours before he was killed. >> right. what makes this an interesting move and in some ways a remarkable move is not that these were the four that were culpable ultimately but that we are now in position as james rosen's question suggested where no one is being held to account. really, is it president obama's view that nobody made any mistakes given all of that information we had in the lead up to the benghazi attack? >> charles, no one held accountable at the state department so far. no one under arrest so far. they have been indicted from
3:45 pm
afar. charged from afar from what we can tell, but haven't captured or killed anybody. >> it is remarkable that all this has occurred, as you say, none of the bad guys has even been questioned, let alone arrested. none of the people in the government who were responsible. remember, in august, this is a month before the attack, the ambassador who's later killed pleaded about the security situation, and there's nobody that is responsible. add onto that we still don't know what the president was doing during the eight hours of that attack, where was he, what orders were given, were any of them countermanded, we all know about the coverup and cover story to insulate the administration from critique that its story about al qaeda on the run, terrorism taken care of
3:46 pm
essentially was completely false and contradicted by the benghazi attack. >> and one person that must not be forgotten, gregory hicks that came out, replaced ambassador stevens after the ambassador was killed, by all accounts conducted himself heroically in filling in, helping to keep some sense of calm amid the chaos of that night, had not yet been reassigned. he is still in this day in limbo. he does not have a new job, despite assurances he would have that by the state department. so the one person we can identify as acting heroically who provided testimony has not yet gotten a new job. >> but the four who were identified as possibly culpable have been reassigned. next up, the ted cruz phenomena. how do you do a summer clearance event the dodge way? first wait till summer. then get the cars ready. now add the dodge part. ♪
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i'll tell you right now, bi washington, and i think the most important fight, is the fight to defund obama care. under no circumstances will i vote for a continuing resolution that funds even one penny of obama care. >> freshman republican senator ted cruz from texas getting a lot of attention. he has been to iowa, a lot of people talking about him possibly running in 2016. now there's dust about where he was born. he was born in alberta, canada, and he released a statement today, quote, because my mother was a u.s. citizen, born in delaware, i was a u.s. citizen by birth. i may technically have dual citizenship.
3:51 pm
now, there's been a lot of focus now, there's been a lot of focus just look at the "new york times" editorials, just a few of themment. the women versus the ted. >> the dread that is ted. the g.o.p.'s nasty newcomer. that's one editorial on one senator. we're back with the panel. what is it about ted cruz that everybody is just focused on? >> well, he really enjoys upsetting the furniture in american politics. he started, of course, beingit in texas by beating the anointed establishment to win this senate seat in the first place. he has come into the senate, you know, doing things like, you know, cross-examining dianne feinstein about gun control. and making her mad. and now he is on this thing about defunding obama care, which i don't think, you
3:52 pm
know, the leadership of his own party in the senate is terribly happy about. because ultimately, if you create a situation where there is no continuing resolution and you have a government shutdown, i think a lot of republicans are nervous about where that would lead. he is laying down this very unequivocal marker that by god we will not vote for one penny of obama care. and i think he is viewed as not necessarily a team player. by his fellow republicans but down there at the grass roots a lot of people like him. >> charles? >> i think that's right. is he positioning himself to be the antiestablishment republican. the one who speaks for the truth on principle who won't waiver, won't adapt tactically, and i think that's sort of the essence of his proposal when he says single most important issue in washington. shutting the government essentially over obama care. if you can't remove the funds for it. he has made it important. and he has made it sort of his mantra. i think it's a rather easy way to get attention.
3:53 pm
i think. caucus. could stop obama care by threatening the continuing resolution and shutting the government. i would support it 100%. that's not what's going to happen. we know exactly what's going to happen it will hurt the republicans. that's why the establishment is in a position of looking unprincipled, you know, and simply thinking about next election. in the end, if you want to stop obama care, there is only one way. get control of the government. >> of course, my view is if the establishment, if ted cruise hadn't done what he had done and mikely and others who sort of come out on the right flank on this question of defunding obama care. all together clear to me concluded obama care, delay, defunding, what have you in the talks about the budget, the debt cerealing this fall at all. now they are moving slowly that way. i think it's an important
3:54 pm
thing for republicans to be doing. cruz, i think, deserves some credit for bringing them along to that point. even if the defund tactic isn't necessarily going to be successful. i think for ted cruz, if you are somebody who believes that washington needed to be grabbed by the lapels and figuratively shaken because what we're looking at now $178 trillion debt parties establishment work. then ted cruz is a welcome edition. where he has to be careful. is understanding the difference between being purposely aggressive and needlessly aserbic. when he called people who opposed his tactic on defunding part of the surrender caucus. that's not helpful. you are taking people who would be allies and friends and turning them into enemies and making it much less likely that republicans will be
3:55 pm
successful he is despised by quite a few in the senate. mr. principle won't back down. there is nothing wrong with being a dual canadian citizen. who says? is he a natural born u.s. citizen. is he perfectly eligible for the presidency. okay? why does he back down and renounce his canadian citizenship. charles was once a canadian citizen. there is nothing wrong with being a dual citizen to the united states and our neighbors to the earth. >> tell people what's wrong with it. >> i know my history a little bit better than you do. i never was a canadian citizen. but, of course, he should renounce his citizenship. it's allegiance to another country and i would say the british crown wasn't the resolution about the
3:56 pm
aallegiance and the british crown. >> isn't that different? isn't that what this is all about? >> it's about political indicia. what's the heck is wrong with being a dual citizen of united states and canada? >> you are the subject of another state. >> i think he knuckled under. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tune for a reporter's balancing act. don't forget i'm having brunch with meghan tomorrow. who? meghan, my coworker. who? seriously? you've met her like three times. who? (sighs) geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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bless bret finally tonight, broadcasting a live remote from a remote location. sky had to get himself a little higher, elevate himself to get a better background shot of his london. unfortunately for him the platform did not cooperate. >> man of the match here. the community shield game.
4:00 pm
[ laughter ] >> and he is gone. okay. some of them are short. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. this is "the fox report" bankht an intern for bank of america found dead after working nearly three straight days. police a defense lawyer says the jury is stacked against this teenager who is charged with shooting a baby between the eyes right in front of his mother. >> i can't believe that they could shoot a baby in the face. >> shepard: the defense claims the accused killer is not getting a fair trial. >> one black male on a panel of 48 people. >> shepard: tonight, the push to start over and the ruling from a judge.